Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens

Central Chinmaya Vanaprastha Sansthan(CCVS) is the Senior Citizens wing of the Chinmaya Mission. It unites people over sixty years of age. The CCVS encourages senior citizens to pursue the final spiritual goal of life and shows them the means to achieve it.

CCVS motivates them to reduce their dependence on society. At Madurai various programs are conducted for senior citizens under CCVS banner. They meet monthly once at Chinmaya Meenakshi to attend the special lectures. Three days camps are also organized for them and guest speakers from various fields are invited to conduct seminars.


The Following topics are discussed during the regular meeting and camps.

  • Simplified form of Yoga and Pranayama
  • Spiritual discourses
  • Health Management
  • Meditation
  • Emotional Management
  • Financial Management.
  • Simple Acupressure self-treatment
  • Workshops on various Social Related Topics
  • Group Discussions

CCVS also tries to qualitatively improve lives of senior citizens by involving them in community projects, health camps, financial advice and other activities.

CCVS also recognizes the immense potentiality and the vast experience of the senior citizens and provides a unique platform to serve the society.